General Information

Azevedo Wrestling is recognized as one of the finest wrestling skills training in the World, this California based wrestling camp offers a unique opportunity for wrestlers to become great wrestlers.

The goal of Azevedo Wrestling is to remain true to the rich tradition of the Vaughn Hitchcock Wrestling Camp while evolving the training to meet the needs of the modern day Wrestler. Our Wrestling Camps are designed to create a highly skilled and well-rounded wrestler. Each wrestler will be involved in six hours of wrestling instruction daily. Additional emphasis will be placed on weight training, goal setting, weight management, and mental preparation. Azevedo Wrestling instruction is designed to motivate the novice wrestler and challenge the more advanced. It will be up to the wrestler to decide how much they want to achieve.

Any other accessories. e.g., Alarm clock, flashlight, etc…

Confirmation Email

After your registration is processed, you will receive an confirmation by email. Be sure to provide an e-mail that is monitored by a parent. This email will include vital information about check-in through check-out. Each camper will have to complete a Parent Authorization Form and a Medical Liability Release form.

Mandatory Forms

No individual or group will be allowed to check-in without a signed Parent Authorization and Medical Liability Release at registration upon arrival at camp.  These forms will be attached to your confirmation email.